The Pride of the Tides supports the Tidelanders Chorus and, of course, favorite individual Tidelander(s) as they enjoy their hobby. Naturally, the idea is to have fun while getting to know each other in the process! Family members and friends are automatically a part of the Pride and all support and encouragement are greatly appreciated by the Tides.

Throughout the year the group enjoys occasional get-togethers or helps out by selling CD’s or assisting in other ways with Tidelander productions. But they really show their colors at contests and competitions! Wearing their trademark bright yellow shirts and carrying personalized Tidelander totebags, they can’t be overlooked as they enjoy breakfast together or gather in the auditorium to cheer on the guys.

How Do I Order Pride of the Tides Merchandise?

To order a shirt or a totebag, please click here to print an order blank!

Pride of the Tide Shirt Composite